More Company Communicator Features

I'm writing this post just after my participation on a series of events created by the Microsoft Brazilian subsidiary on collaboration with Teams. I had the pleasure to speak about how Company Communicator, our #1 app in Teams is changing the way companies from different sizes communicate with their employees. If you speak Portuguese, I... Continue Reading →

Teams Speaker Queue now in 44 languages

A few weeks ago we released Speaker Queue Teams Speaker Queue | techpeanuts ( a Teams meetings extensibility app template created to improve your meetings by defining and controlling time designated for each speaker/topic. We are now releasing version 1.1 with bug fixes and support for 44 languages! Please try it, give your feedback and... Continue Reading →

Teams Company Communicator Improvements

What is Company Communicator? Company Communicator or just CC is one of the most used Teams app templates. It enables corporate teams to create and send messages intended for multiple teams or large number of employees over chat, allowing organization to reach employees right where they collaborate.  Thousands of customers use Company Communicator every day... Continue Reading →

Teams Speaker Queue

Hi there! We're all participating in a ridiculous amount of online meetings lately. Some very organized, some fun, some rewarding, but some just disorganized and a waste of time. How can we help to improve your online meetings? A few months ago I started playing with meetings extensibility and Power Apps. The very first example... Continue Reading →

How to run any website as a Teams app!

The Request and Initial LearningsSo you have been asked to make your company website or your company intranet website available in Teams… directly from the left rail. That is, together with the Activity, Chat, Teams, Calendar, and other default Teams icons, you want a button to allow your users access the Intranet directly from the... Continue Reading →

Power Apps with Teams Meetings Extensibility

Microsoft Teams has brand new extensibility points that will enable developers to expand the meeting experience. With this new capability, developers are able to build apps or integrate existing ones within the meeting surface and provide richer collaboration experiences for users across the entire meeting lifecycle – covering events and actions from before, during, and... Continue Reading →

COVID19 Building Access App: Community Led Improvements

Desk Reservations, Floor Maps, Impersonation,  Improved Notifications, and much more… Hello there, since the launch of the BAR App (Building Access App) the community has been very active and we have many variations being created and shared. Our customers always have specific (sometimes crazy) requirements to unblock the app usage and it is unfortunate when... Continue Reading →

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