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Button Click Tracking for Company Communicator (and updated report)

This week we have an awesome contribution from Mike Francis and Luis Henrique Demetrio, two CEs from our App Consult team. They jumped to the challenge to extend the tracking framework we created for Company Communicator a few months ago… Continue Reading →

Company Communicator: Upload images to Azure Blob Storage

The goal for today is to explain the motivation for the latest CC feature added by Henrique Graca @hjgraca out of Portugal, and show how to enable it. Henrique is one of our Cloud Solution Architects and got a complaint… Continue Reading →

Back to Company Communicator – New features and Bug fixes

Happy new year everyone. I found some time to work on a few Company Communicator bug fixes and a special new feature that is being requested for those ones using the dev build. I have the pleasure to announce that… Continue Reading →

Company Communicator New Features + Official v5

Hello everyone! I am Aida Bayoumi, a Modern Work Customer Engineer at Microsoft. I’m taking over the blog for this specific post to share my experience on upgrading the official v5 version to the Company Communicator features. The new company… Continue Reading →

Building the dev environment for Company Communicator with Visual Studio 2022

As I mentioned previously in one of the articles, there are many alternatives to setup the Company Communicator development environment. The easiest way is actually using Azure directly to deploy services. It is not the most efficient in terms of… Continue Reading →

Company Communicator: Merge to v4.1.5 and sending messages to a custom list of users (CSV file)

Currently CC allows authors to select from four audience options, including posting to the general channel of a team, sending individual messages to all users, to members of a team or to members of specific M365, security and/or distribution groups…. Continue Reading →

Company Communicator Insights – The number one requested feature is now available!

Hello there! I’m writing this article to document and let you know about the most recent feature we are incorporating to our already famous Company Communicator variant. As I said previously here in this blog, improved reporting is the number… Continue Reading →

The #2 most requested feature in Company Communicator!

Company Communicator #1 most requested feature is improved reporting (yeah, we all need that) and I know some colleagues are already working on that :). But what about #2? That is the ability to have groups of authors targeting only… Continue Reading →

More Company Communicator Features

I’m writing this post just after my participation on a series of events created by the Microsoft Brazilian subsidiary on collaboration with Teams. I had the pleasure to speak about how Company Communicator, our #1 app in Teams is changing… Continue Reading →

Teams Speaker Queue now in 44 languages

A few weeks ago we released Speaker Queue Teams Speaker Queue | techpeanuts ( a Teams meetings extensibility app template created to improve your meetings by defining and controlling time designated for each speaker/topic. We are now releasing version 1.1… Continue Reading →

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