Hi there! We’re all participating in a ridiculous amount of online meetings lately. Some very organized, some fun, some rewarding, but some just disorganized and a waste of time. How can we help to improve your online meetings?

A few months ago I started playing with meetings extensibility and Power Apps. The very first example I created was just a clock application to kind of measure the amount of time spent by speakers during a meeting. That was subject of the Power Apps with Teams Meetings Extensibility | techpeanuts (tech-peanuts.com) article I posted here.

Since then a lot happened. We now have Power Apps design tools inside Teams, we have a Teams object in Power Apps to collect specific information about the various contexts and we have Microsoft Dataverse.

Well… why not combine all those things and expand the clock idea into a Speaker Queue application for Teams? That happened!

With the awesome support, guidance, sample code, and extensive contribution from @Dajian Dong, @Aditya Challapally, @Shuo Chen, @Pawan Gulati and others, I have the pleasure to announce the pre-release of the Speaker Queue App template.

Speaker Queue is a Teams meetings extensibility app template created to improve your meetings. It can be used to define topics and control the time assigned to each speaker during online meetings.

Once deployed, Speaker Queue can be configured in meeting invites, offering experiences before and during online meetings. Before your meeting, you can use the app to define a person who will be responsible to control the list of topics/speakers and during meetings, the app offers a synchronized countdown view to all participants, so they can be aware of speaker turns.

The Speaker Queue app template is currently in pre-release and will be published in the official Teams App Templates page soon.

I would like to invite you to deploy the pre-release version and contribute to the project using our official GitHub project page. Please if you find any issues use GitHub to let us know and improve the application.

Check the following resources available today for you:

UPDATED ON 5/4/2021 – New version published Release Version 1.1 · OfficeDev/microsoft-teams-apps-speaker-queue (github.com)

Have fun! and improve your online meetings… 🙂


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