Hello everyone, long time no see. Writing this to communicate that I just finished the merge of v5.1 code into the community fork of Company Communicator.

So please pay attention: If you are using a setup based on v4.X, you need to follow instructions documented on the v5 migration guide here. Do not sync the new code over your setup!! If you do that, you will be force to follow the migration guide to have your CC setup working again.

The merge was done to keep the community fork closer to the official code and take advantage of all security and stability improvements that are coming soon.

I also would like to use this post to ask you all one thing. If you are using the community fork, please don’t open issues on the official github repo. Engineering will work only on issues that happen with the standard codebase, not with custom code. I enabled the issues feature on the fork repo so you can create issues and get support from the community.

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