Company Communicator in S1/Small App Service Plans

We got a few cases where customers were selecting a minimum resource App Service plan when deploying company communicator. The original/standard CC deployment uses a S2/Medium App Service plan by default, but we got a few cases where a smaller plan was being selected during deployment. We all need to understand that the reduction in... Continue Reading →

Building Access Template and The “Holidays Error”

The Building Access app template for Teams is one of the most successful app templates we created. It is being used by hundreds of customers worldwide to control how employees get authorizations to work onsite during the COVID-19 crisis. It is a Microsoft Power Platform based app that supports the administration of building occupancy thresholds and social... Continue Reading →

Let’s Build (Retro Edition): A cartridge for the C64 combining the Pi1541 with the Epyx fast loader

I’m working on a few side projects that are bringing my “old” 8 bit computers back to life. After some time without playing with them, I confess I’m amazed by the amount of new hardware and software options currently available. The idea of this article is to create a perpetual reference with all the steps... Continue Reading →

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