User names on CC community fork reports

I received some requests asking how to include names on the CC reports. By default the reports have only user ids, and I agree only that information is not sufficient to correctly evaluate impact of communications. There are basically two ways to improve the reports to have names and not only user ids. First one... Continue Reading →

If you need a branch in the 4.51 version

I received a few messages from partners and customers that are still looking for the 4.51 build. I recommend upgrading as soon as possible to the latest version, but I understand there are some situations where you still need to stay in previous versions for some time. For that reason, I created a branch called... Continue Reading →

Company Communicator – v5.1 Merge

Hello everyone, long time no see. Writing this to communicate that I just finished the merge of v5.1 code into the community fork of Company Communicator. So please pay attention: If you are using a setup based on v4.X, you need to follow instructions documented on the v5 migration guide here. Do not sync the... Continue Reading →

Building Access Template and The “Holidays Error”

The Building Access app template for Teams is one of the most successful app templates we created. It is being used by hundreds of customers worldwide to control how employees get authorizations to work onsite during the COVID-19 crisis. It is a Microsoft Power Platform based app that supports the administration of building occupancy thresholds and social... Continue Reading →

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